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  • Soap and Bath

    Sodium lactate can be used as pH regulator for toiletry products like bath foam and soap. Its humectants action can reduce the moisture loss during the storage of the products and prevent the occurrence of cracked surface.

  • Skin care

    Lactic acid is an effective skin rejuvenator, because it is one part of the Nature Moisturizing Factor (NMF), and has skin cell renewal activity. Lactates can suppress the formation of tyrosinase, so that it can inhibit and prevent pigmentation in the skin, and is a kind of safe and effective whitening ingredients. In addition, it can be used to treat age spots and freckles. Sodium lactate has bacteriostatic properties; therefore, incorporating sodium lactate in cosmetic formulations can lead to more stability in bacterial growth. Otherwise lactic acid can improve the levels of ceramide in the skin, so it can prevent skin-xerosis or dry-skin, and then improve the barrier function of the skin.

  • Hair care

    L (+) lactic acid is a natural constituent of the hair, can be used as pH regulator, and it is milder than other organic acids that might be used for this function. Regulating the pH valve to week acidity will give the hair more body, improved manageability, and can have better wet and good dry feel.

  • Oral care

    Calcium lactate is an excellent anti-tartar agent because of its high solubility and neutral taste. Aluminum lactate with its astringent properties has a positive effect on gums and mucous membrane in the mouth. Zine lactate has the anti-microbial action, so that it is very effective in the treatment of gingivitis and tartar.

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