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For many years, many bakery companies have been worried about food "mildew", and there are still some enterprises unable to effectively solve this problem. In order to better solve the preservation of baked goods, we continue to work hard, Musashano natural preservatives T series will be very good to help you.
  • The main performance of baked goods spoilage

    The total number of bacterial colonies exceeds the standard

    The product is mildewed within the shelf life

    Product peroxide value and acid value exceed the standard

  • Raw material

    Flour - is the "skeleton" of baked goods, is one of the main ingredients of bread, pastry making. Common microorganisms in flour include: 101 species of fungi, 30 genera, such as Aspergillus albicans, Aspergillus cinerea, Penicillium arcus, etc.13 genera of bacteria, such as Bacillus subtilis, micrococcus, etc., the number of 10 thousand to 100 thousand/gram.

    Eggs - one of the most important raw materials in baked goods, eggs are rich in protein, easy to breed bacteria and multiply quickly.

    Sugar - has filling and preservative properties in baking products.

    Oil - In the cake to improve the stability of egg foam.

  • Natural preservative T series

    T1 can effectively inhibit the total number of bacterial colonies and heat-resistant spores in food raw materials, enhance emulsification, improve tissue flavor, and reduce the number of primary bacteria in raw materials. It is suitable for the pretreatment and pre-processing of baking raw materials.

    T2 can effectively inhibit the reproduction of mold and bacteria in fermented or non-fermented products. It is suitable for the production of bread and moon cake, and prolongs the shelf life of products.

    T3 is suitable for the fermentation dough to inhibit the propagation of mold and reduce the formation probability of sclerotinia of heat-resistant bacteria, but it does not affect the growth of yeast fermentation and the time of dough to rise. It is also suitable for the bacteriostatic pretreatment of raw materials in the early heat treatment of non-fermented products.

    T4 is suitable for adding sour agent in food processing, and can also be used as bacteriostatic soaking liquid of food raw materials. It can improve the bactericidal effect under the same hot processing conditions, and can also be used as any pH flavoring bacteriostatic agent.

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